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Cook Book Mamie Thérèse




In Cook Book Mamie Thérèse

By ClaireGuilloton

Le livre de Mamie

On 20, Dec 2012 | 2 Comments | In Cook Book Mamie Thérèse | By ClaireGuilloton

Today, I wanted to start telling you about the work I am doing with my grand mother. She is 85 and she’s called Thérèse. She was a farmer in the region of Vendée (Western France) all her life.

One day, I went to eat at her place and just realised how good was her meal, and nobody could cook better than a grand mother like the one I was lucky to have.

So I have decided to create a book of recipes so I could share moments with her and I could also make a project where I could do some illustrations. My idea was also to emphasize that at her times, we could live only with the products of the garden and fields, especially during the second world war. Today, that’s something most of us are forgetting.

It has been a long time since we started and I was quite busy with life’s obligations to achieve the project and to work on it. However, now that I have a bit more time, I want to take advantage of doing this blog to put myself into the task something like one day a week. So, I can have something ready sooner than never.

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  1. Brigitte Blésin

    Je découvre votre blog grâce à ma nièce Nathalie Godfrin qui m’a parlé de vous. Elle a bien de la chance de vous avoir rencontrée alors qu’elle commence à découvrir cette ville qui me semble éclectique à souhait. Bravo pour ce blog, cette belle écriture, ces belles photos et, surtout, ce beau partage. J’espère que Mamie Thérèse peut manier l’ordi pour pouvoir vous suivre : j’imagine déjà son beau sourire. Brigitte Blésin

    • ClaireGuilloton

      Bonjour Brigitte,
      Merci beaucoup pour ce joli commentaire! Ca fait tres plaisir un lundi matin…
      Pour ce qui est de ma grand-mere, je doute, qu’elle ne suive mon blog; elle n’a pas d’ordinateur et elle a 85 ans. Mais je lui montrerai!
      Etes-vous venue ici a Bogota?

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