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In Bogotá
Product Design

By ClaireGuilloton

Hechizoo – part 1

On 26, Feb 2013 | No Comments | In Bogotá, Pattern, Product Design | By ClaireGuilloton

I was very lucky yesterday to be able to go and visit the most beautiful carpet and fabric atelier of Bogotá, and probably of Colombia. Jorge Lizarazo is an amazing artist who let us enter in his world for a couple of hours.

The studio is located in a very poor area of Bogotá, which is called the 20 de Julio, in the South of the city.

Once you enter inside the atelier, it’s another world with people working by hand everywhere, and which such a good taste in everything that you feel straight away comfortable.

There are two massive floors, with different kinds of works. Some of the carpets (like the blue one below) is made by three experienced women at the same time.

More information on their website but more photos are coming…

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