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In Events / Exhibitions

By ClaireGuilloton

Expoartesanias 1

On 13, Dec 2012 | One Comment | In Events / Exhibitions, Photography | By ClaireGuilloton

At the moment, the biggest event of handcraft of the country is taking place in Bogotá. It is called Expoartesanías. We can mainly see the work that indigenes are creating to make a living and these are called artesanías. But there are also Colombian modern designers who are exhibiting in another massive tent.

A dream of patterns, colours and beauty! And Colombian people are so kind… I always ask when I take pictures and they always said YES.

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  1. Lea

    J’adore cette série de photos. Peut-être parce qu’il s’agit tout bêtement de belles choses. Mais je trouve que la photo avec la femme qui file la laine est extra : on voit très bien le mouvement du rouet !!!

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