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One Comment

In Bogotá

By ClaireGuilloton

Calle 71 con 7

On 28, Jan 2013 | One Comment | In Bogotá, Tourism | By ClaireGuilloton

A good walk to do from Bogotá. You can start in calle 71 with 7, and get to this beautiful footpath. In less than an hour, you are on the top and can see the whole city. You can even be lucky and see the snow top of the Nevado. This time, I wasn’t.

Some (the ones at 6.45) surely take less than half an hour to go up. They are running those bas*****!!!! …while I am suffering, having difficutlies breathing because of the altitude!

A very nice way to get away from the city. A link to know more about this kind of walk.

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  1. Marcela

    Tenemos que volver!

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