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In Illustration

By ClaireGuilloton


On 16, Jan 2013 | 4 Comments | In Illustration, Photography, Tourism | By ClaireGuilloton

Coffee is obviously the most important topic of the region. And there are some nice places to go and discover how to grow coffee.

The region and the plantations are quite beautiful… Everything is so green!

I liked very much this cup’s design in enamel. Unbreakable for the drinks of the workers who have to go and work far from the farm.

However, we went to a place that was quite disappointing: they didn’t explain well what happens to the coffee seeds once you picked it up. Except when you drink it. I give you the address in case you don’t find anything or to advice you not to go I suppose. Recuca.

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  1. Jesica

    Hey Monita!!!
    Me estan encantando las fotografias, tienes que continuar visitando para que poder entretenernos aqui virtualmente!!

    Un gran abrazo, Jesica

    • ClaireGuilloton

      Es la idea! Muchas gracias!
      Un beso tambien

  2. helene

    Hum… Cela fait envie ce café ! N’oublie pas d’en donner à GrandPierre pour moi !

    • ClaireGuilloton

      Pas de probleme, c’etait deja prevu…

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