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In Bogotá
Product Design

By ClaireGuilloton

Arawak is in the market

On 27, May 2013 | 2 Comments | In Bogotá, Product Design | By ClaireGuilloton

Every two weeks, Arawak is in the market of Usaquén! They will be there on Sundays, every two weeks. They have 3 different types of excellent Colombian coffees.

I am happy to present them there:

Karina and Vincent, the owners of Arawak.

If you are interested to buy Arawak, please contact me:

Presentation of the product in this post.

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  1. camille

    Je suis sure que le cafe est bon mais en attendant d y gouter (d ailleurs comme tu reviens en juillet… :D ) je kiffe les boites et leur pattern!

  2. ClaireGuilloton

    Merci! Tu en veux pour juillet?… Et d’ailleurs… tu viens en julllet???? YOUPI!!!

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