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Monita in Bogotá:

Welcome to Monita in Bogotá.

This blog has been created by me, Claire Guilloton. It is about appreciating the style of design in every day Colombian life.

This blog is also to keep myself in the world of design, to practice my poor English, but most of all to show that Colombia is not anymore the country of violence and drugs. This is a country of amazing people, who are full of ideas, art, and creativity.

The idea is also to discover nice places where to eat, have coffee, or simply have a walk inside this crazy city of Bogotá.

Also, I want to take advantage of this blog to improve my skills in illustration and photography.

About me:

I studied art in Rennes and Paris (France) before moving to London where I worked as a digital designer for more than 6 years. My partner, my daughter and I are starting this exciting adventure in Colombia and I am now doing freelance jobs for companies in London, in France and in Colombia.

You can see my profesional website in there:


Why Monita in Bogotá?

Mona/Monita is a term used by Bogotá’s Spanish inhabitants for “fair haired”. This is also a way to be kind to people, as we would say “darling” in England. My Colombian man Mario has given me this nickname.

Thanks for passing by!